Boy George – Animated Music Video

Funkadelic Animated Music Video

Following a number of animated episodes King Bee produced for drag-queen west-end musical ‘The Supreme Fabulettes’ (The Supreme Fabulettes ) which features a song by Boy George, King Bee had the great pleasure of winning the honour of animating Boy George’s latest animated music video.

King Bee’s creative director Martyn Niman met the legend at the outset of the project to discuss creative ideas for the video. The track also features another legendary George – Parilament’s George Clinton – known to many as the king of funk. it all started with the sketched storyboard below from the theme ‘a stay-puffed Love marshmallow man George Clinton with psychedelic dreadlocks’ growing and destroying all wars!

We started initially producing the video with a flat 2d pop-art style with a carefully chosen colour palette with the vibe that seemed to match the aesthetic references. Within the very organic creative process, King Bee later enhanced the style of the illustrations and peach quotations to be even more closely matched to the poster art and early LP designs with more detailed illustrations that gives the video a solid art direction that works a treat!

Client: Boy George Style: 2D + Mixed Media Tech: Flash + After FX + Cut-Out