Signal Toothpaste – ‘The Teeth Chiefs’ – Web/Mobile Series


Signal Toothpaste
Six Episodes in English + Greek
Edu-tainment Animated Series

Unilever selected King Bee to be the agency to bring to life a truly creative vision for lifestyle giant Unilever. The goal was to help inspire 4-8 year old children to brush their teeth through getting super powers!

Initially the 6 X 3.5 Minute episodes were to be viewed at different steps in a 3 week dentist training package with children in conjunction with TV commercials also featuring the same characters. The cartoons were to be as engaging as the best cartoons on TV whist delivering positive messages like “brushing twice a day” and “for two minutes each time.” King Bee really got to the heart of the brief and fully developed the name of the series, the characters (featuring Minty with super fresh breath and Chief Bluetooth with a magic Xray blue tooth power for instance!), the scripts, casted and managed the children actors, produced all the animation and even the theme music and catch phrases for the series!
“Teeth Chiefs brush day n’ night to keep our teeth clean n’ bright!”

One of our favourite parts of the series are the dumb and disgusting villains headed up by D.K they live in a rotten tooth and add plenty of comic relief to the animations!

Client: Signal Toothpaste Style: 2D Animation Tech: Flash + After FX